Hairless Hearts UK was founded in January of 2018. We are a not-for-profit organisation run by a small group of volunteers each of whom has a deep love of the incredible & beautiful Sphynx breed cat.

HHUK is fully committed to protecting the future heart health of the Sphynx cat & is working with a growing number of Cardiologists from the Veterinary Cardiovascular Society to provide keepers & breeders of Sphynx (& other cat breeds) with access to affordable & accessible HCM Screening, information, education & support.

If you are a board certified cardiologist & would like to work with us please do get in touch.

We are working hard to set up HCM Screening clinics in as many areas of the UK as we can and, while Hairless Hearts UK is predominantly aimed toward the Sphynx cat, we also offer places at our clinics to other feline breeds that are identified as being high risk for HCM including the Bengal, Ragdoll & Maine Coon, Scottish Fold, etc.

We hope that you'll find your visit here informative & useful to you and to your cat. 

If you wish to connect with us, you can find us on Facebook or you can email us by clicking this link > HairlessHeartsUK